Lizzie Bushby’s mystery photo album

If the mystery photos in Lizzie Bushby’s Victorian album can be identified they’ll help make sense of the life and times of a young immigrant girl travelling from 19th century Ireland to the remote shores of New Zealand. Lizzie’s album is a time capsule of familiar faces and figures from county Cork’s yesteryears, besides containing photos of family … More Lizzie Bushby’s mystery photo album

Australia – New Zealand Cricket Test to Remember

The carefully-folded flyer among old Pa’s war effects advertising a 1943 Anzac cricket match just didn’t make sense. Old Pa was a prisoner-of-war then, and surely not in a position to be attending an international cricket match? The flyer promotes an international cricket match, to be played on August 14th and 15th, 1943 though it … More Australia – New Zealand Cricket Test to Remember