Mystery James Sheedy of Tipperary and Hunters River NSW

Who is the mystery James ‘Settler’ Sheedy of Hunter’s River in New South Wales (Australia), and why was his name changed in much later years to ‘William’ Sheedy in probate lists published in Sydney newspapers? Why is his death not registered in New South Wales. And is he a Sheedy, a Sheedy-Macnamara, or a Silk? … More Mystery James Sheedy of Tipperary and Hunters River NSW

Ancestors with Secrets

How can it be that  a well-connected Irish bookbinder with a wife and seven daughters, and who worked for decades in the Victorian city of Cork just disappears in every historical record that could tell you who he is.No birth, death or burial records denotes the start and end of James Journeaux’s life:  if it … More Ancestors with Secrets

A Lawless Mob of Dubliners

My search among Ancient Catholic Families of Ireland for the kith-and-kin of my mystery Captain Armstrong resulted in a naive attempt to link him to a possible uncle named Edmund Lawless, but instead has me up to my armpits in 18th-century Dublin ‘Esquires’ all of the same name. I’ve been attempting to answer if  the ‘Gentleman’ Edmund Lawless of  Clanbrassil-street Dublin was the same man married Margaret Armstrong in 1784 … More A Lawless Mob of Dubliners