Mystery Ballarat School unravelled as Preston Bell School #4309

There is growing accord among the historians at least that our mystery 1938 Ballarat ‘Bell School’ photo   is instead the every well known ‘Bell School’ in  Melbourne’s northern suburb of Preston. In the absence of any evidence that a Bell School ever operated at  Ballarat,   I have to agree with one experienced historian  who says I have … More Mystery Ballarat School unravelled as Preston Bell School #4309

Ballarat’s? mystery ‘Bell School’

UPDATE 18th MAY 2016. This mystery school identified as the BELL SCHOOL #4309 in Oakover Street, Preston (Melbourne, Vic). READ HERE FOR THE UPDATE   I can easily find my Dad in this old school photo,  but it seems finding the actual Ballarat -based school is another matter entirely! Extensive inquiries and searches have failed to locate the … More Ballarat’s? mystery ‘Bell School’

Warrnambool Bookworms Fundraising for Kids

 Warrnambool book-lovers are quietly adding to a fundraiser champion’s tally to help The School of St Jude provide free education to children from the village of Meshono, on the outskirts of Arusha city in Northern Tanzania.  After thirteen years in the making The School of St Jude is celebrating its first graduating students thanks partly to the likes of Warrnambool … More Warrnambool Bookworms Fundraising for Kids