A Lawless Mob of Dubliners

My search among Ancient Catholic Families of Ireland for the kith-and-kin of my mystery Captain Armstrong resulted in a naive attempt to link him to a possible uncle named Edmund Lawless, but instead has me up to my armpits in 18th-century Dublin ‘Esquires’ all of the same name. I’ve been attempting to answer if  the ‘Gentleman’ Edmund Lawless of  Clanbrassil-street Dublin was the same man married Margaret Armstrong in 1784 … More A Lawless Mob of Dubliners

Mystery History Search – Ancient Catholic Families of Dublin, Eire.

  Its been a two-decade chase but the story of  Dublin-born mariner  John P. Armstrong is nearly ready for the telling, except I need to know a little more about his family back in Ireland and so would like to hear from descendants or researchers of the following Dublin families, of the 1700-1800 era:  CORBALLIS  / CORBALLY, … More Mystery History Search – Ancient Catholic Families of Dublin, Eire.

Lizzie Bushby’s mystery photo album

If the mystery photos in Lizzie Bushby’s Victorian album can be identified they’ll help make sense of the life and times of a young immigrant girl travelling from 19th century Ireland to the remote shores of New Zealand. Lizzie’s album is a time capsule of familiar faces and figures from county Cork’s yesteryears, besides containing photos of family … More Lizzie Bushby’s mystery photo album