Jenny Fawcett

Jinny is my family nickname, everyone else knows me as Jenny.   I did once consider changing my name to Patsy, around about the time I was waiting for Elvis Presley to come and marry me but neither happened so I decided Jenny would suffice, provided I could ride a motorbike with a St Bernard as a pillion passenger. Once I found out how much they drooled I decided to opt for a Labrador instead, and after Dad threatened to axe the motorbike – literally- I settled for a Morris Minor.

I am a MEAA accredited Freelance Journalist, completed my journalism major in the Bachelor of Arts through Deakin University  and I am particularly interested in people and place.

Off-duty I am a family historian and local history researcher in the Warrnambool – Port Fairy district of South-West Victoria.

Email:  joan(dot)fawcett(at)bigpond(dot)com

Soldier’s Message-in-abottle by Jenny Williams Fawcett at ABC Open:
Granny’s Grave @ Warrnambool by Bluestone Magazine

A nice surprise article by Bluestone Magazine

It’s never to late to learn @ Warrnambool Standard

Researching the Mahogany Ship by Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

3 thoughts on “Jenny Fawcett

  1. I also have an ancestor by the name of Journeaux from County Cork. His daughter immigrated to New Zealand and married a Leonard Bushby from Brighton England. Is there any connection?

  2. Hi Jenny, I enjoyed reading your stories. Especially about the Booley’s as I am also a descendant. My grandparents were Stanley and Louie Booley. I get confused trying to put together Ancestry so like it when someone else has done the hard work and I can just read about it. ( A bit selfish I guess) . I came across your information when I just thought I would google Stanley Booley. With all the talk on the Anzacs at the moment spurs an extra interest on the subject and what our families went through. I will look you up again and read some more of your postings in the near future. My name is Lesley Davey and I live in Lara, Victoria. My mother was Louise Mary Booley. married name Arnott. . Good luck with your journalism. Lesley

  3. Hi Jenny, Thank you for this story and photos. My name is Megan. My grandmother was Edna Booley – so we are cousins. My mother is Janice. Mum is 84 and no longer able to read, so I have read this article to her and explained the post cards. Edna Jean and Lin were the little ones in the family. I hope that we are able to catch up. Thanks for all the work you have put in here.

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