Kith n Kin

A  page for all the rellies who are interested in the family history. Just gathering up the links here on one page to make it easier to navigate through our extensive families!

The couple you see in the above photo are Dad’s grandparents,   Ballarat-born Charles Francis Williams and his wife Mary Ann nee Brayshaw.  Dad spent a lot of time at their 3 Holmes Street address,  before his family moved and settled at Apollo Bay.

The main family lines start from Australian settlers and include the surnames JOURNEAUX, BOOLEY, BRAYSHAW, McPHERSON, CLOSE, CAMPBELL, WILLIAMS, HARRIS, KENNEDY, WILLIS, SHEEDY, O’CONNELL, O’DWYER, and GALLAGHER.




Where is Beatrice May ELLIOTT?

James BOOLEY and his final postcard home from the front: WW1

James BOOLEY and the 3rd Reinforcements, 14th Battalion

The BOOLEY Boys at War

Jean Booley and Bob Williams: how grandparents meet

Booley Grave at Ballarat: family of Robert Francis and Mary Cath Booley

The fate of James BRABNER: brother of Alexander Dalgleish Brabner

Lizzie BUSHBYand her photo album (Journeaux family)

Tom HUMPHREY (wife of Alice Mills, on the Journeaux side of the family)

Journeaux Family: Church Records Co Cork.

Old Pa:William Stanley FAWCETT and his prison camp memoir

Charlie KANE and his missing memorial park

Sarah ROYAL (McPherson family branch)

Sheedy Family History

John Joseph Hannaford WILLIAMS – KIA, WW1

Peter Williams (1931-2013) and his mystery Ballarat school

White Williams of Ivybridge, Devon