Saving Country: Killarney Beach coastal environment under commercial racehorse training stress

Local community are up in arms about the surge in commercial racehorse training  on Killarney’s coast in southwest Victoria and have launched a Petition to take the fight to State level. Warrnambool  City Council’s sudden ban on racehorse training on it’s beaches  has seen an immediate surge of training at Killarney, which is also part of the Belfast … More Saving Country: Killarney Beach coastal environment under commercial racehorse training stress

Long Weekend Autumn Color

  This year’s  warmer start to autumn  in Victoria’s south-west has  purple and pink starring in the garden. As colour is important to gardeners, and not everyone can get away this holiday weekend it’s nice to get a geek at  someone else’s garden.  Certainly the beckoning sun means photography is way more fun than weeding.           … More Long Weekend Autumn Color

Lost in the AfterLife

  With blistered feet and juggling two maps as well as a camera and my handbag I came to an abrupt halt, lost among a sea of higgledy, piggledy-laid graves. The 42 hectare (106 acre)  Melbourne General Cemetery is a bewildering place for the uninitiated, particularly for this country girl after a four-hour early morning drive. The lass at … More Lost in the AfterLife

Warrnambool Bookworms Fundraising for Kids

 Warrnambool book-lovers are quietly adding to a fundraiser champion’s tally to help The School of St Jude provide free education to children from the village of Meshono, on the outskirts of Arusha city in Northern Tanzania.  After thirteen years in the making The School of St Jude is celebrating its first graduating students thanks partly to the likes of Warrnambool … More Warrnambool Bookworms Fundraising for Kids

Enterprizing replica-ship at Warrnambool

Watching the replica tall-ship Enterprize tack its way today out of Warrnambool’s Lady Bay  is a stark reminder of  the dangerous conditions  Europeans experienced voyaging aboard small-ton vessels bound for Victoria’s coast. There seemed a fair swell up though the Enterprize left Lady Bay in what is relatively calm conditions for this stretch of the coast, … More Enterprizing replica-ship at Warrnambool