Story Removed 2 April 2021

In this world there are people who put the needs and safety of children first, and then there are those people who put themselves before children.

To protect voiceless children, made vulnerable by their age, we have laws that are designed to keep them safe in community and at home as well as in educational or care institutions

You each get to choose what you believe in.

There are people in this world who speak up of abuse when they see it. If other parties feel themselves aggrieved in that voicing of opinion, they have legal rights they can pursue in court.

For it is certainly in a court that the truth will come out.

In this world there are people who speak up of abuse in their own backyard. And then there are those people who only are comfortable in pointing out abuse if it is in the distance. And then there are the abusers.

‘Casual’ discrimination begins at home. Our Royal Commissions have begun to expose how casual discrimination starts at ground level and is borne out of complacency, creates an environment where abuse and bad behavior flourishes and begins to become the ‘norm’.

I will never apologize for exposing bad behavior born out of complacency and inherent discrimination, and where it is shoved in the face of children without check.

We each choose our own destiny, our own voice, our own moral compass.