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Killarney Beauties

The recent flooding in Mahoney’s paddocks makes one think the water table at Killarney must be exceptionally high this year. This is the first I can ever remember  flooding both east and west of the lane.Usually rainfall seeps through the underlying limestone, so the flooding this year is an oddity, to me at least. If only one could peer underneath!

Flooding in the ten-acre paddock east of Mahoney's Road
Flooding in the ten-acre paddock east of Mahoney’s Road

As kids we used to cut through Mahoney’s paddocks in winter, to save the long walk down the lane and up the track guarded by a menacing Murray-Grey bull.Sampson was his name, and he would wait till he saw us making for the cattle-ramp and would casually plant himself on the track between us and the house. So back up the road we went! It was a wet walk through the paddocks and a bit of hiking over barbed-wires fences, but it was safer than a kamakazee dash past Sampson!

Flooding west of Mahoney's Road
Flooding west of Mahoney’s Road